2021 New Year Interior Resolutions

This year, commit to building a happy, healthy home

New Year Interior Resolutions

The New Year is way more than just a new calendar, it’s a fresh start, clean slate and most importantly, time for a new perspective! The positive energy allows us to manifest a better life for ourselves, both inside and out. So why not have New Year’s resolutions for your spaces?

New Year’s Resolutions for your home… It’s a thing!

We spend a lot of time at home, especially the last year… It’s our safe-haven, a place for us to relax, reset, unwind, and create memories with our favourite humans, and animals! Your interior space plays an integral part in creating positive vibes. Functional, calm and welcoming spaces allow you to be creative, motivated and destressed at all times.

New year’s resolutions related to interior design are simple, yet effective. You can create the perfect home for maximum productivity as well as calm for the year ahead (especially if 2021 is anything like 2020). So, let’s make these changes that will allow us to use our spaces fully—since we might be home for a while! Below are some positive changes you can do yourself and some we would love to help you with, because anything worth doing is worth doing properly!


2021 new year interior resolutions


Top Trending Resolution: A Focus on Sustainability

If sustainability is a new year’s resolution, your home is a great place to start. Home décor created from natural resources and rustic wooden interiors are a stunning addition. A simple change, like using restored furniture, goes a long way.

wooden sustainabilityYou can make changes to the functionality of your home to make it more green, fix your lighting to be energy efficient, conserve water, or make changes to the setting of your home to welcome more natural light.

We can help you take advantage of natural light! Minor renovations can be made to spaces to allow more natural light in and create sustainable use of your spaces both inside and out.

Even just one step towards sustainable living makes a huge difference.

Give us a call to see how we can implement a focus on sustainability in your home.


2021 – The Year to Just get it Done

You know that walk-in closet you always wanted? Or that outdoor entertainment space? Maybe that revamped bathroom with the rainfall shower head? Why wait? This is the year to Get It Done! Now is the best time to renovate or build, welcome the new year with stunning, revitalised spaces.

Whether its renovations or a new build, we can help you with the most effective and efficient solutions. Investing in your home is never a waste, and the more comfortable and inviting it is, the less time you need to spend out of it. So build that closet you always wanted or use some of that space in your garden for a fun entertainment area to enjoy with your favourite people.

Need inspiration? We can definitely help. Get in touch with us today.



Anita house Arch 4


Clutter has Got to Go!

All changes in your home’s interior come from making the space for it to happen. Decluttering your interiors is one of the best places to begin your journey towards a stress free space. Getting rid of things you no longer need or use is helpful to the aesthetics of our homes, as well as the functionality. It is said that a decluttered home is a decluttered mind.

Take time to get rid of all the items you have collected over the years that no longer add value to your life. Donate, give away, sell and toss them into the bin (recycle where you can).

The moment your home is free from all the clutter, you create a space for new changes in your interior, be it design, decor or space for a new addition to be build. This helps to get rid of items that take up space and collect dust. Clearing an area could provide new space for an at-home office or workspace to be custom built for you, and so much more.



clc unique summer lapa 16Home is Where the Happy Heart is

A healthy heart is what we all aim for as a new year’s resolution, so make your home more conducive to this. Clear that storage room in your home and make a meditating room or a place to spread a yoga mat! Build your outdoor oasis and buy that outdoor furniture to soak in some sun. What better way than to start the new year with positive goals for health, fitness and wellbeing.

Always make changes to your home that matter to you and your family. If you have trouble sleeping, why not redo your bedroom? Get the rest your body needs and deserves. Build a kitchen that welcomes you and encourages you to spend time creating healthy, home cooked meals.




So now that your home is cleaner and greener, reorganise your home interiors. You can now be functional, stylish and organised. Try not buy more—but rather repurpose and restore.

Choose spaces that you really live in and try to transform them. Use plants and good light ing,as well as comfortable furniture. Break down unnecessary walls (experts needed here!)  that make spaces feel smaller—open plan living is right on trend and makes a space so much bigger and more comfortable.

Replace lesser-used areas in your home with space saving furniture, this will be effective no matter what you decide to do with these spaces in the future. A simple change like a built-in bookcase or a fitted desk in an unused corner can be one of your best new years resolutions to be more productive.


Much Needed Maintenance

No one said new year’s resolutions were easy! Use this time to take care of all those things you’ve been ignoring. Repair all the damaged corners that you try to hide. Fix the light switch, replace those bulbs, fit that new bath tub and retile your kitchen.

It’s time to get it done. Homes wear over time and although frustrating, our job is never done. the more maintenance is done the less big issues we face down the line. Positive interior changes will nurture your space and make you feel more at home and comfortable than ever  before.

This process can also highlight a need for renovations or alternations rather than just simple maintenance, but this is also good as it will allow you to expose spaces you have outgrown over the years and that need to be upgraded to suit your current life style.


In Conclusion…

Change does begin at home, so while we strive to live healthier, happier lives, we need to remember that we need to start from the inside and work our way out.

We can’t wait to help you with your interior needs! When you are looking to create a positive space by remodelling or renovating your homes, CLC Enterprise has everything you need to make it possible. From beautiful design and flawless execution—act on your new year’s resolutions, because the best time to bring positivity into your home is right now. Call us now.






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