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We’re specialists in all Architectural design  and offer Council Submissions

Residential Architectural Services

While CLC Enterprise takes care of all yourzoning regulations, building codes andmaterials; it focuses on aesthetic appeal.Aesthetics are an expectation, not an optionalextra when it comes to your home - especiallygiven the price home owners pay for theirproperty. The team is well-established inthe renovation of residential homes andassisting clients with council submissions.Projects include multi-unit residentialbuildings, single-family homes, renovationsand remodels.

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  • New House Plans
  • Additions & Renovations
  • Alterations
  • Re-Drawing of Structures
  • Residential Developments
  • Council Submissions

Commercial Architectural Services

With 90% of your day spent in theworking environment, it is essential thattime be comfortable. Therefore whenwe design commercial buildings andstructures, we consider an array offactors, such as functionality, buildingcodes, safety regulations and constructioncosts as well as artistic, construction andengineering skills.

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  • Retail Developments
  • Office Development & Office Parks
  • Educational Facilities
  • Re-Drawing of Structures
  • Council Submissions

Industrial Architectural Services

Spatial awareness and safety regulations forma large part of our process when it comesto industrial design, especially the designprocess of factories. However, while mostbusinesses consider these, many overlookthe possibility of future expansion, whichleads to an additional unforeseen expense.When we design your premises, we considera cost-effective solution not only for thepresent, but also for the future, in order toprovide you with an industrial property idealfor your business and employees.

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  • Warehousing Design
  • Factory Layout & Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mining Structural Design
  • Re-Drawing of Structures
  • Council Submissions

Council Submissions

When it comes to building or renovating, plans need to be approved before actual construction can be done. But council submissions and approvals aren’t always so easy to come by. CLC Enterprise takes the hassle out of renovations and construction by doing the Council Submission for you with above average turn around times.

Project Management

Since we’re a service-based design firm, it only makes sense that we cover all your design and construction needs. We offer project management from start to finish for your project; just to make your life easier and cut down on the admin and headaches that come with dealing with multiple contractors and suppliers. Choose CLC Enterprise as your one point of contact.

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