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Welcome to the new online home of CLC Enterprise. Let’s start off by saying that 2020 has been a year with a lot to offer. It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s difficult to say that through all the turmoil, we’ve learnt a great many lessons.

We have been fortunate enough to continue to grow—and this is mainly due to you, our clients—thank you for your continued support. But that isn’t what this post is about. It’s about new beginnings and bright futures, but most of all, it’s about showcasing our new website and approach to the architectural design and construction industries!


Who is CLC Enterprise?

We’re a team of young, dynamic and creative architects… But we bet you’ve heard those same three words, probably in the same order, more times than you can count—so what differentiates us from the rest? Our relentless drive and passion for our industry; our willingness to go above and beyond to deliver beautiful, functional spaces for every project we work on, whether big or small, with the highest levels of quality and workmanship.

Our focus is providing a turn-key architectural design and construction solution that helps you keep costs down due to dealing with one team of suppliers/contractors/draughtsmen, communication clear and outcomes as expected.


What to Expect from our Blog & News Section

We’ve started our News & Blog section to create a community around architecture and construction; to start educating and enlightening our clients on industry standards and news; and to create a home of inspiration and ideas for anyone in the market for architecture or construction services. So be sure to keep an eye out for our posts and leave a comment!



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