Top 8 Architectural Design Trends of 2020

Discover the top 8 Architectural Trends of 2020.

Sustainability is the Top Architectural Design Trend of 2020

With so much information at our fingertips it is easy to search and research almost anything that interests us. There are so many Pinterest boards dedicated to interiors, landscapes, home inspiration and architectural design trends for 2020/2021—but most have one thing in common… Sustainability. Commitment to sustainability through design, development and architecture is inspiring general societies to move towards environmental commitments and responsibility is increasing, rightfully so.

Our spaces should mimic nature and not impose on it. Bring life into your structures and encourage life around it. Let’s hope this trend never goes out of style!

Lets take a look at some of the architectural design trends we have seen in 2020 and how they ties in with sustainability.


top architectural design trends of 2020


So what are the Architectural Design Trends of 2020?

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Industrial Style

Characterised by using wood, iron, aluminium, recycled plastic, exposed brick and beams. This architectural design trend reduces construction costs and simple clean lines lead to more sustainable building. The absence of surface elements is another example of the industrial style, this asymmetrical form of construction has been seen in residential and public infrastructure more and more in 2020. It’s cool, edgy and right on trend for interiors.


Smart Homes

This is for new buildings and gentrified ones. Automated systems can control light, security, temperature and sound on demand. Smart Buildings offer comfort, convenience and reduce consumption in terms of electricity usage etc. Domotic architecture is an awareness of our social responsibility to care for the environment and how we consume resources.


Multi-Function Homes

Integrating different spaces to become multipurpose is very important. It is both practical and allows for more spaces in places you need it, like having a bigger room where you can spend time relaxing and reading a book at the window. A playroom that doubles up as a study when the kids are sleeping or a scullery that has plenty of storage space. Multi-function spaces allow for more sustainable living with hidden storage and retractable areas.

open plan kitchen example


Open Plan Around Kitchen

Open plan areas are on trend. The kitchen is naturally the most lived in room in a home, we cook, gather and on many occasions, eat in this room. Leave it to open onto the other living areas so you can watch your kids while you cook or entertain guests will you plate. Increase its dimensions and connect it to your dining room or tv room. Placing a large central island that doubles up as a prep station and a breakfast bar will also separate the kitchen from the lounge or dining areas.


Minimising work and maximising desired results is a big 2020 trend. Gentrifying areas and rehabilitating old and historical buildings give them new life—they become usefulness again. Reforming our homes to better suit our needs allows us greater comfort as well. This is advantageous as it costs way less than demolishing and starting over as well as being more environmentally conscious.

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Relaxation Station

The magnificent bathroom, not only a space for personal care but also for mental wellness. Your shower can double up as a steam room or sauna, your bath can have a hydro-massage function and allow for all the relaxation of an actual spa. So many options are available to turn your bathroom into an oasis of relaxation, don’t forget to use calming neutral colours and to add some indoor plants and essential oils.

By allowing yourself this zen-like atmosphere at home, you don’t need to visit spas that over-use plastics for amenities. The perfect architectural design trend, in our opinion…

More Light, Less Sound

Noise pollution is a very real thing in 2020. We are exposed inside and outside of our home. Many architectural projects are now designed with this in mind. Materials that minimise noise inside the home or building are now being used to create almost sound proof areas that help minimise outside sounds in our spaces.

Alternatively natural outside light is being maximised in our spaces. Architectural technology is developed to take advantage of natural light buildings get from the sun. 2020 trends see natural and artificial light working together, in the form of indirect warm lights as well as natural light to create a very calm, inviting ambience.

passive homes

Passive Homes

The passive home or building is emerging as a huge trend both architecturally and as a philosophy of life! It is a way of understanding how the relationship between our environment works as well as how it should work. This kind of architectural design’s primary objective is to use resources that are available as well as maximise energy savings.

Passive houses contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those living in them, save their owners money and also protect and save the environment around them.


In Conclusion

Ultimately, architectural design trends are making a big move towards the concern for the environment and a commitment to be more conscious and sustainable are social aspects very present in architectural trends for this year. Using materials that are less polluting as well as building sustainably is an objective for both residential and public construction of buildings and homes.

Focus on sustainability in designing, building and living in these spaces is now contributing to a more conscious and informed future. So when you’re considering starting a new architectural or construction project, think sustainability, think CLC Enterprise. We would be more than happy to help you design and build a beautiful, functional and sustainable home. Contact Us >

Let us know what some of your favourite architectural design trends are in the comments, and remember to share!



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